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The hype train has been going full speed since earlier this month, when we got our first official look at the highly anticipated cinematic event. Taking into account the sheer scope of this project, it's only natural we can't wait to get more information from it with every passing day.

Last month, Sean Gunn took to Instagram to reveal his involvement in Infinity War and through that announcement, he gave us our first look at a new logo for the film. Now though, a new picture has surfaced from set, showing off a brand-new design. Take a look:

This one is much more similar to the very first logo we got in 2014 when the film was revealed:

The logo follows the style of its predecessor by dropping the "Avengers" and putting "Infinity War" front and center. But that may not be just because of stylistic purposes.

Infinity War will feature many characters outside of the main Avengers roster; including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and - in the 's continuity - Black Panther. Therefore it makes sense to simply use Infinity War. It gives the film a broader landscape and gives audiences a more accurate representation of the diversity this movie will have in terms of characters' backgrounds.

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Granted, this could simply be a temporary logo used for filming and not the official one. Studios enjoys making logo changes throughout the making of its films, but this is the third one for Infinity War, so I expect this just might be the official one.


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