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Exelsior, Marvelites! FOX has released new behind-the-scenes images of the shooting of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the -directed time-traveling sequel based on the 1980 comic-book storyline of the same name. Based on The Uncanny X-Men issues #141 and #142, the popular story is now being adapted to the big screen with a huge ensemble composed by the original trilogy actors and the X-Men: First Class cast. What makes these set photos so exciting, though, is that we now have a visual confirmation that Kitty Pryde () is indeed the one to send Wolverine back in time to alter the dystopian future of Earth-811, just like in the comic books. Have a look:

Apparently, Kitty will be using her phasing powers (just don't ask me about the physics involved) to deploy Wolverine's consciousness into his younger body in the past. According to a synopsis released a while back, Kitty will run into a serious obstacle during Logan's little time trip, prompting the rest of the squad to look for another mutant to siphon Pryde's powers and bring Wolverine back to the present. (Wonder what rogue mutant they could possibly find?)

In any case, here are the other Days of Future Past set pics released by FOX on their new Multi-Touch experience for The Wolverine:

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