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Warning: This article contains a LOT of potentially major spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

The Arrow rumor mill is at it again, and this time there is some hard evidence to back up the potential news. You heard it right — a Canary might be coming back to Arrow. Last season Arrow killed off one of its lead and most controversial characters, Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary. Fans of the actress,Katie Cassidy, and the Green Arrow comics were in a frenzy as they were forced to say goodbye to Oliver Queen's long time companion in a shocking twist.

Well, fans didn't have to say goodbye for long as Katie Cassidy's appearance on Arrow as Black Siren was confirmed in the most recent teaser for the show's return from winter break in Episode 10, "Who Are You?" Black Siren originally appeared in and fans had hoped she would come to Arrow. However, it looks like there is a Black Canary making a return to Arrow after all — but it's not Katie Cassidy.

Looking For Black Canary

How have I come to the conclusion that a Black Canary is returning to Arrow? Back on November 2, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed they began filming on Season 5, Episode 11 titled "Second Chances."

The title of the episode has a special significance considering the tip tweets came a day before from a well-known Vancouver autograph hound on Twitter. It's worth noting that this is the same group of autograph hounds that spoiled Katie Cassidy leaving the show and was filming her last day on set last year. On November 1, KingsCourtAutographs spoiled on Twitter that Arrow was filming a scene in which Oliver and Felicity are shooting together looking for a Black Canary.

Marc Guggenheim had also tweeted previously that Arrow Season 5, Episode 10 was in production on October 25, and on the photo of the script's title page, the filming completion date for the episode is November 1. So we know that Episode 10 was filming its final scenes when the autograph hound tweeted his spoilers about Oliver and Felicity searching together for a Canary.

I could say that the pair searching for a Canary is just the source's speculation and that there is no proof. However, the recently released photos from Episode 10 and a Reddit post from a user known for hitting Arrow spoilers on the head not only correlates the KingsCourtAutographs' tweets, but supports them as fact.

In stills released by TV Line from Arrow Season 5, Episode 10, we see Oliver and Felicity searching together in an interior scene just as the tweet had said.


The article also says that Olicity is looking specifically for Prometheus, not a Canary. But don't doubt me yet — the Reddit post I mentioned earlier seems to tie the theories together by spoiling that a Canary appears at the very end of episode 10 — Canary Cry and all. (The Reddit post also spoils the entirety of Arrow Season 5, Episode 10, so read at your own discretion.)

Scene change, Oliver is lamenting over the fact that he hasn't kept his promise to Laurel and that he's gonna find someone worthy of carrying on her legacy.

Scene change: Couple of dudes are drinking and a woman asks a guy if he want another round but the guy says he wants a piece of that. She says they're cliche asf and trying to over compensate for their lack of manhood on a 'defenseless woman'.

"What are you gonna do about it"

Sonic Scream


End Episode.

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

Could this all be true? Is Arrow getting a new Black Canary? It would be easy to assume this all means that even though the Episode 10 trailer spoiled Laurel is actually Black Siren, by the end of the episode she still could be back to being the Black Canary. But the Reddit post also spoils that Laurel "Black Siren" Lance will be transported to ARGUS for Oliver to keep at arm's length in case any part of the Laurel he knows comes through.

Siren is on her way to Central City to go into secure lockup at ARGUS. Oliver says he's keeping her close because if there's anything of Laurel left in her then he's gonna find it.

So it would seem that it's not Laurel's Canary Cry that caps off Episode 10 in a shocking twist. In fact, looking at Katie Cassidy's deal with the CW to appear on future seasons of Arrow intermittently, it makes sense her character would be put in ARGUS alive where the show can easily release her when ever she's needed for an appearance. It's worth noting that Katie Cassidy has not been on set for the recent filming of Episode 12 and beyond. Another (very sassy) Twitter user associated with scouting filming locations in Vancouver for OLV on Twitter confirmed it to pondering fans as Arrow returned to filming after winter break.

So if Katie Cassidy is no longer the Black Canary, who is?

New Girl In Star City


With Katie Cassidy's Canary seemingly out of the picture, the question of who the new Canary on Arrow could be is looming on everyone's mind. But thanks to a few savvy Twitter users, some fans think they have it figured out. In a recent tease for the remaining season 5 episodes of Arrow, producer Wendy Mericle talked about the new faces popping up in the season. The highly anticipated Talia al Ghul, and then a new name that fans haven't heard much of yet-a detective named Tina Boland.

Among new faces, Talia al Ghul plays a “crucial part” in unraveling the Prometheus mystery, while SCPD Detective Tina Boland will form a connection with Oliver, seeing as “she has been through her own hell, her own sort of ‘island.'”

Hmmmm, a new girl on the show with a "connection" to Oliver. Perhaps a connection like the one the Green Arrow typically shares with his Canaries? Normally that "connection" comment about Oliver and Tina wouldn't seem like an important piece of information. But it's a little bit too much of a coincidence that the same dates the actress playing Tina — Juliana Harkavy — tweeted a teaser that she was filming Arrow was during the same timeframe Guggenheim confirmed they were filming Episode 10, when both the Reddit post and a local Twitter user both claimed a new Canary would be introduced.

Very suspicious indeed. Could Tina, the detective with a dark past like Oliver's, be the new Black Canary in Star City? As for how this new Canary will be integrated into the show, many are speculating that Felicity Smoak will be enlisting her to be apart of her secret plot to kill Prometheus. After the death of her boyfriend, Felicity is headed down a dark path, and Mericle has said that Smoak will be enlisting some fellow dark souls to help her in her revenge-behind Oliver's back.

Felicity “is going to meet some people who are both a bit tied to her past but also very much tied to this new future she’s contemplating,” Mericle teases, “and that’s going to draw her away from the team and lead her to do some things that are pretty morally questionable.”

It's not a far out thought that Arrow would want to reinvent the Black Canary on the show. Since the Season 1 premiere, Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance was met with mixed reviews and her lack of chemistry with the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, was the one thing many cited as a weakness for the show. Not to mention Arrow has already had more than one Black Canary —Laurel's sister Sara was the original, after all — so what is to stop them from doing it again?

Even though many fans had begun to feel Laurel Lance had finally found footing in the fourth season, it would seem the CW may have had the intention of removing Laurel Lance's Black Canary and starting from scratch by introducing a new Black Canary that may be closer to the Canary fans were hoping for originally.

While this is all speculation and nothing has been confirmed or teased by the CW or Arrow showrunners themselves, this evidence given by more than a few investigative fans does seem to point to a new Canary joining the Arrowverse. As to what that means for Arrow and if this Canary will stay for good, we'll just have to wait and see! can be pretty unpredictable.

UPDATE: Arrow producer Marc Gugenheim teased to TV Line that there is a chance a new Black Canary is on the way to the show. TV Line reports:

Asked if a Canary might suit up as soon as by Season 5’s end, co-showrunner Wendy Mericle told TVLine, “There’s definitely a possibility.”

I don't know about you, but to me that pretty much confirms it!


Are you excited for 'Arrow' to potentially bring in a new Black Canary?


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