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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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From being overprotected, to becoming stronger, toxic and more recently, better, 's private inner life is about to be transformed into a biopic which will debut on Lifetime on Feb 18. The wonderfully titled Britney Ever After will dig deep into the many layers of the Spears circus, and the actress playing Brit has opened up about how emotionally exhausting and traumatic she found taking on the role of our favourite snake-wearing pop icon.

Playing Britney Was "Extremely Traumatic"

23-year-old Aussie, Natasha Bassett, found her breakout role in the Coen Brother's movie Hail Cesar! which premiered last year. Since then, the young actress has been working hard on depicting Britney onscreen and getting inside Britney's head — which hasn't always been easy. Talking to the New York Daily News Natasha stated:

"It was extremely traumatic. It was traumatic having to experience through my eyes what she experienced."

Britney's Entire Life Is "Not Normal"

Delving deep into the inner workings of Britney's crazy inner life, it took Natasha a while to adjust to a sense of reality which is not shared by most people:

"I mean, she's not like anybody else. Her entire life she's been chased by paparazzi and she's constantly being scrutinized and in the public eye, so it's not normal."

"I Really Appreciate How Strong Britney Is"

Of course, this also meant that Natasha had to learn how to empathize with Britney on a whole new level, to really understand what it meant to go through all the motions that lead to her now infamous 2007 meltdown where she shaved her head and attacked a car with an umbrella. However, this only lead Natasha to realize Britney's incredible inner strength:

"I really appreciate how strong she is. Emotionally, the way she got through the constant pressures that she was faced with is admirable."

But Britney Wants Nothing To Do With The Biopic

[Credit: Lifetime]
[Credit: Lifetime]

However, speaking to the Daily Mail, one of Britney's representatives categorically stated that Britney would in no way be participating in the 2 hour movie and that it absolutely does not have her blessing, but hey, that's just Britney...bitch.


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