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Instead of showing off 's still-buff physique (that guy has old dude guns that could take down an army), the new Bullet to the Head poster highlights the rest of the main cast: , and .

The image is too busy for my taste, but its reliance on guns, Sly's morose face, a hot chick, and a complimentary explosion brings to mind the '80s action-heavy movies of which Bullet to the Head is in the tradition.

There are even bullet holes in the poster itself! This movie must mean business.

(via IGN)

This could potentially be one of my most anticipated movie of the year. Why? Sly Stallone and - 'nuff said.

Do you like the new one sheet for Bullet to the Head? Will you be checking the movie out when it bursts into theaters, February 1st? Sound off in the comment section below.



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