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With Deadpool 2 now deep into production, we've had our first look at the rock hard abs of Deadpool's partner in crime, Cable. Played by the totally jacked Josh Brolin, the images have us even more pumped for the super secretive follow-up to Ryan Reynolds's super successful foray into the X-Universe.

Reynolds recently unveiled our first look at Nathan Summers on social media. Mr. Deadpool shared a snap of a fully kitted out in all his cyber-enhanced glory, proving that Josh Brolin has totally nailed the physicality of the character.

If the X-Universe isn't complicated enough, enter Cable; a time-traveling super soldier who is arguably the ying to Deadpool's yang. And now we've been gifted with two brand new shots of Brolin's killing machine, depicting the soldier in his element and potentially offering us clues to Deadpool 2's plot and Cable's backstory.

The image above shows Cable a little worse for wear, in the heat of battle, looking at... something. So far we know very little about the plot of Deadpool 2, and only so much can be derived from our first look at both Cable and Domino (played by Zazie Beetz). However it's likely to have the same R-rated, cheeky tone of the first — with a whole new dynamic introduced with Cable.

Furthermore, while it might not be clear in the image above as Cable's left eye is shut, another new BTS image shows the bionic soldier with both eyes open. This could hint that this is a look at a younger version of the character, before he got all bionic — perhaps in a flashback or from a visit to the past.

However, we can clearly see that the two images are from the same scene due to the cape Brolin is wearing in both images. This leads us to believe that we may get to see Cable's origin story in , and how he came to be fighting the forces of evil as a bionic killing machine alongside Deadpool and the other X-Men.

Having said this, it might just be a pre-SFX shot of Brolin in action, with the glimmer of light in his eye to be added in post-production.

While Brolin has been universally praised for his physical transformation, there's much more to his character than just a slick haircut and bionic arm. Further clues to Cable's storyline were offered in the very first images we saw of the character, as eagle-eyed fans noticed a raggedy teddy bear hanging from his hip.

Many have concluded that Cable's role in Deadpool 2 will take a Logan-esque turn, and show a softer side to the badass metallic soldier by showing his relationship as the surrogate father to mutant Hope Summers, who might also appear alongside Cable in Deadpool 2. However, some also theorize that this could just be a relic of the past, which we might get a glimpse of if we see his origin story.

Brolin — who is also due to star as Big Bad, Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Infinity War Part 2 — has signed a four-movie deal to play Cable, which could mean we can expect three more Deadpool movies, or perhaps one or two solo outings which could explore some of the more convoluted and lesser known X-timelines.

Do you think we will see Cable's origin story in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comments!


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