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In the new Cars 3 'Rivalry' trailer we finally hear Jackson Storm () speak.

Whereas the film's previous trailers focused on Lightning McQueen () getting ushered out by the new high-tech cars, and McQueen planning his comeback, this new trailer shows us LIghtning's strategy for burning some rubber and kicking tailpipe. Let's break down some of scenes in this new Cars 3 trailer from and .

Jackson Storm Trash Talks Lightning McQueen

The trailer opens with Jackson Storm and a burst of scenes of his training regimen. He's a contender, and a powerful one, with all the technology needed to be numero uno on the race track. Not only does he walk the walk, he talks the talk. Right away we know Jackson's Storm's confidence and attitude is something is not used to when getting ready for a race as shown between our first look one of their interactions. Jackson Storms starts off with, "You have no idea what a pleasure it is to finally beat you." Where McQueen replies, "Wait, did you say meet or beat?" Ouch! Looks like Lightning better step up his game.

The Racing World Is Changing

Smokey Yunick (Chris Cooper) gives Lighning McQueen some advice: "You can't turn back the clock, kid. But you can wind it up again." McQueen starts to learn that an old rusty dog can learn new tricks. He's then taken to a high-tech facility where he's introduced to all the new techniques to help win his title back: treadmills, wind tunnels, virtual reality, and interactive race simulations. It looks like Lightning McQueen is out of his element.

Back to Basics Just Like Rocky Balboa

If Jackson Storm is equivalent to Drago in Rocky IV with his new wave training, then Lightning McQueen is Rocky pressing a wheelbarrow full of heavy rocks above his head. It looks like McQueen gets back to his previous style of training. There is one scene that looks very much like Rocky running down a sandy beach. All of his training is focused on one thing: Jackson Storm

It looks like Lightning McQueen isn't even thinking about going into retirement. He's warming up his tires and is ready to take on the flashy new comer, Jackson Storm. Cars 3 'Rivalry' trailer looks to promote the greatest match-up in Cars history: new versus old.

Cars 3 will be released June 16, 2017.

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