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Eszter Simor

Have you thought about your Christmas shopping or are you not in the holiday mood yet? Disney might have something to get you into the holiday spirit.

A new clip has been released for Frozen. As weird as it sounds, the winter comedy invites you to a "big summer blowout." 's icy animation is freshly out in theatres, so when you are finished with your Thanksgiving turkey, you can go out and watch it.

The protagonists Anna (voice of ) and Kristof () team up with a sidekick reindeer and set off to break the icy spell of the Snow Queen to bring back summer. They meet magical and interesting characters on their journey, like mystical trolls, a talking snowman, and the goofy shop owner featured in the clip.

As usual, Disney is aiming at a fun-filled family time: in the clip the optimistic Anna is trying to talk sensibly to the foolish salesman, who despite the Everest-like conditions, has a summer sale going on. The ultimate joke as Black Friday is only hours away...

Check out the clip here:


(via Comicbook)

Are you getting ready for the Christmas shopping craze or would you rather chill out in the cinema and have some fun with Frozen?


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