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The second official clip from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 is now dispensing justice online. Actually, it's not so much dispensing justice as rallying an army to fight like the Caped Crusader.

Earlier this month, we dropped the first clip from this second half of the animated adaptation of 's classic four issue 1986 story, the one that has influenced every Batman story since, as well as helping to legitimize comic books as a medium. That first clip had Batman beating the living crap out of an entire army of police officers.

This one requires a bit more explanation: we see what has become of many Mutants, who now worship at the alter of the Dark Knight. Batman himself shows up on horseback to rally the troops and correct their tendency toward the violence of firearms, promising that he will one day teach them to fight like he does. Awesomeness:

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I wasn't really a fan (RoboCop) as the voice actor, but regardless, that's definitely Frank Miller at his best. I am glad they're keeping all that brutality going - this is how a real action movie should be. Can someone just bring all this ferocity to another Batman reboot already!?

Suffice to say, many fans who watched Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 are eagerly awaiting the second half. DC Universe did a pretty inspired job adapting Miller's seminal Batman story into an animated feature, and this new clip makes it seem like that best may still be yet to come. Are you excited? Part 2 is scheduled for release January 29, 2013. Click the follow button at the end of this sentence to stay updated from the animated caped crusader, and drop your opinions on the movie in the comment section below. [[follow]]


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