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The second clip from the upcoming and ridiculously titled terror-tale The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (formerly The Haunting in Georgia – why did they feel the need to change the title to something longer that makes less sense? Dumb.) has hit the Interwebs, and we have it for you right here.

The movie is not, as the title would have you believe, a continuation of the story-line of the original The Haunting in Connecticut. Instead, it's a companion piece. Both stories were turned into movies from cases first documented in the Discovery Channel TV series A Haunting.

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The 2009 original had so much potential for a unique horror flick, having roots in the true experience of the Snedekers family in the 1980s. However, the movie version took the particularly creepy environment and visuals and bogged them down with some pretty average genre scares. That said, it still managed to accumulate a worldwide total of $77.5 million and apparently that was enough to warrant a second go-around and stuff some more states into the title.

Is this trailer ultimate proof that The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia will be as long-winded as that title? It looks as though director did a pretty clunky job in his attempts to scare us with black and white pictures of our great grandpa. Even if this doesn't look like the scariest or most original horror movie of the year I'll watch it anyway, while I'm waiting for The Haunting In Connecticut 4: Space Zombies From Idaho, just to find out whether this one takes place in Connecticut or Georgia.

The Haunting in Connecticut: Ghosts of Georgia hits theaters February 1st. Will you be checking it out? Drop us your comments below, and [[follow]] the movie here to stay in the loop with the movie's progression.



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