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With just a week before Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them bursts out its post-production briefcase, and fan excitement is going through the roof ahead of the November 18 release date.

A few days ago, Warner Bros. dropped nine clips from the upcoming blockbuster, as well as 7-minutes of incredible, behind-the-scenes footage. Then, they released a clip of the Goldstein sisters cooking up a storm for Jacob Kowalski and Newt Scamander. And now, we've been gifted three more TV spots to salivate over as we count down the days before swoops into theatres like the elegant Swooping Evil that it is.

Take a peek at all three clips below:

1. Ilvermorny – It's Only The Best Wizard School In The World

We've heard quite a bit about Ilvermorny on Pottermore from , the American wizarding school that remains in unchartered territory for Potterheads and which is frequented by most magical folk on the other side of the pond.

Interestingly, although this TV spot shows some friendly competition arise between Newt and Queenie when it comes to education, it also highlights a rivalry between the two English-speaking wizarding communities that hasn't been touched on up until now.

The clip begins with No-Maj Jacob Kowalski wondering about whether there is a school in America, to which the Goldstein replied:

"Of course. Ilvermorny. It's only the best wizard school in the world."

Ilvermorny | Pottermore
Ilvermorny | Pottermore

Clearly this statement doesn't go down to well with Newt, who despite being expelled from Hogwarts, is a staunch defender of his roots:

"I think the best wizarding school in the world is Hogwarts."

Whether or not you think this may be true, the prospect of another wizarding school rivalling the British one we've known for years is certainly an interesting topic, opening a whole new world of young witches and wizards to fans of the original series. With an entire ocean separating England and America, we can only imagine the different approaches to magic that both set out for their students – hopefully, something that can be gradually unlocked in the other four movies of the colossal Warner Bros. franchise.

Find out more about Ilvermorny below:

18 Things We Learned About The Ilvermorny School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

2. All The 'Secrets'

The second clip reiterates:

"The man I warned you about is getting closer!"

Above all, this TV spot reminds us that the prospect of Gellert Grindelwald gracing us with his frightening presence very soon is swiftly becoming a reality.

See more:

3. 'He's A Criminal?'

And finally, in this tense TV spot, Colin Farrell's Percival Graves talks over dark footage of a enormous beast smashing his way through solid walls. Alluding to the fact that 1920s Prohibition-Era America now sees Newt Scamander as a "criminal," this is perhaps the most action-fuelled Fantastic Beasts clip of the lot.

Oh, and it also basically confirms that the Sweeping Evil is terrifying – here's one big fat 'nope' to that.

Which Fantastic Beasts clip did you love the most?


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