ByBrian Salisbury, writer at
Brian Salisbury

Once again, proves to be a reliable source of movie geek information. This time, he's posted set pics from Furious 7 to his personal Facebook account.

The images aren't terribly fascinating (one of he, , and and then a second of Vin with director ), however there is something to note about the first pic. Take a look at how bruised are Walker and Diesel in the pic.

These guys aren't messing around

Vin and director James Wan discuss something probably very important

While there have been some brutal fight scenes in the last few franchise entries, and granted Fast & Furious 6 did feature The Raid's , Furious 7 is bringing aboard renowned (and possibly insane) international action star . Given that fact and the bruises on our costars here, I have a feeling James Wan's Fast 7 may be the most brutal to date.

Take a look at the set pics below and let us know what you guys think.


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