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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
Jack Carr

This never happens to me in the elevator.

The internet was just blessed with a new clip from , the highly-anticipated sequel to Grey which is now just a couple of weeks away, and Anastasia Steele is starting to look like a woman in full command(o).

First, she slips off her sheer thong at dinner in a fancy restaurant, all the while holding eye contact with Christian, because she knows how this game works. "The check, please," he smirks at the waitress like a man who knows he's winning.

Then, the most hatefully attractive couple in town take it back to Mr. Grey's place after somehow managing not to tear the rest of their clothes off during an elevator ride in which the sexual-tension-o-meter reaches climax.

What happens next is left to your imagination. Go wild...

Fifty Shades Darker arrives in theaters February 10. Will you be there?

[Credit: Universal]
[Credit: Universal]


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