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Laggies, the new offering from Independent film director Lynn Shelton, sounds utterly wonderful. Plain and simple.

Indiewire have reported that the film bowled over audiences at Sundance film festival, proving to be a beautiful and endearing coming-of-age tale. Here's the summary:

Laggies follows Megan, a 28-year-old woman () who is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with a boyfriend and group of friends she's had since high school. When said boyfriend proposes, she jolts, randomly meeting 16-year-old Annika () when Annika and her friends ask Megan to buy them alcohol outside a grocery store. Megan decides that somehow the best thing for her to do while she tries to figure out how to proceed with her life is hide out at Annika's house, befriending both Annika's friends and dad () in the process.

It's been said that first time scribe Andrea Seigel, has managed to fashion an enchanting depiction of adulthood, which provides:

Transgressive and accessible ideas on inter-generational friendships as well as on women and the societal conventions that are handed to them as teenagers.

As well as a powerful and relatable story, the film's A-list cast: Knightley, Moretz and Rockwell are said to each offer beautifully compelling performances which are aligned with the theme. Here Knightley describes the cast bond:

There actually wasn't any chemistry, we really hated each other. So it's just really, really good acting. No, we sort of bullied each other from the beginning. That was pretty much it. Lynn took [Chloe and I] out to dinner and we had girly chats about life and stuff. She basically told me about life, and I listened. And what else? We just got drunk, really.

The whole filming process sounds completely delightful and I admit that I'm curious to see how these strong A-list relationships materialize on screen in a very intimate way. The stunning Laggies is definitely one to put on your list of must-see films in 2014. Share your thoughts below!

Source: Indiewire



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