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Now, despite being scheduled for release in July, we haven't yet seen all that much of ' cinematic adaptation of 's legendary series — but that doesn't mean that footage of the increasingly imminently arriving film isn't out there.

What's more, it seems that some of that footage has finally made its way to the sight-lines of some people willing to say stuff about it online. Specifically, a handful of folks at the exhibitor convention were recently on the receiving end of a large chunk of footage from the and -starring film. And, from the sounds of it:

That New Footage From 'The Dark Tower' Is Either 'Truly Epic,' Or Just 'OK'

'The Dark Tower' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'The Dark Tower' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

That, at least, was what some of the film critics who found their way into the screening seemed to suggest, with reactions ranging from the glowingly positive:

Via the fairly optimistic:

All the way through to the mildly unimpressed:

Which tells us relatively little about what to expect from the movie. As such, if you were already skeptical, feel free to continue to be — and if you were already super-excited for the film, feel free to retain that entirely legitimate stance, too. In other words? We're pretty much right where we were before a bunch of people got the chance to see that footage.

Thankfully, though, an actual, factual trailer seems certain to drop sooner rather than later, which will allow us all to make up our own damn minds. After all, with the film set to arrive on July 28, 2017, there's only so long Sony can make us wait, surely?

The big ol' tease.

What do you think, though? Are you super excited for the arrival of The Dark Tower? Let us know below!

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