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(Warning: The following contains potential — albeit entirely rumor-based — SPOILERS for 'Game of Thrones' Season 7, as well as discussion of the events of the recently-concluded Season 6. Proceed with whatever level of caution your friendly neighborhood Three-Eyed Raven suggests to you is wise.)

Now, Game of Thrones Season 7 may still be the best part of a year away from hitting our screens (because, yes, we seem to have somehow angered the HBO gods, and they are now punishing us), but that doesn't mean we don't already have a whole lot to speculate about. After all, the show has to start filming sometime, and it seems as though that sometime is very much imminent. So much so, in fact, that...

We Finally Have Some Set-Based Game Of Thrones Rumors To Ruminate On

[Game of Thrones/HBO]
[Game of Thrones/HBO]

What's more, if the latest murmurings to emerge from the show's Spanish set are to be believed, we might just have something to get preemptively over-excited about.

Y'see, according to a report on the typically reliable, there's a battle a'brewing in the Spanish town of Malpartida — and the sequence the show is apparently gearing up to film sounds pretty darned fantastic. The reason?


(note, this is where those aforementioned potential SPOILERS kick in...)

[Game of Thrones/HBO]
[Game of Thrones/HBO] seems as though the battle in question may not be much of a battle at all, but rather a rather an ambush. One that, it seems, involves "at least one Lannister," as well as both Unsullied and Dothraki warriors. What's more, with at least 500 extras apparently scheduled for the scene, we could well see a pretty darned epic engagement. After all, that's the same number that were involved in last season's "Battle of the Bastards," and we all know how well that went.

The most intriguing part, though? Well, that belongs to the idea that we'll see at least one Lannister. After all, that opens up the distinct possibility that the Dothraki and Unsullied in question will be led by Tyrion... and ambushing Jaime or Cersei.

[Game of Thrones/HBO]
[Game of Thrones/HBO]

Lannister vs. Lannister conflict? Dothraki hordes rampaging around the Westerosi countryside? "Battle of the Bastards"-sized conflagrations breaking out all over the place? It seems the wait for Season 7 just got a little bit harder to handle.

Want more on Season 7 while you wait, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, though, what do you think? What are we going to see go down in Game of Thrones Season 7? Let us know below!



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