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Not that we needed anyone to tell us to be excited for season seven of Game of Thrones, but nevertheless HBO has released several images from Sunday's season premiere that could give us some insight as to what's about to happen in Westeros.

Anticipation has steadily built for this season thanks to rumors about Jon Snow's lineage, an ice dragon, a giant crossover of nearly every character in one scene, the connection between the Stark line and the Old Gods and so much more. All these topics have been forefront in many fans' minds and these few season premiere images hold a few answers - but pose even more questions.

Daenerys Comes Home

[Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO]
[Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO]

This is what we've been waiting for, and what Daenerys had been working towards over the last six seasons. Our beloved Mother of Dragons has finally put Meereen behind her and, along with some new allies, set sail for Westeros to claim the Seven Kingdoms.

Here she stands before the throne of her family home, Dragonstone, which has been under the control of Stannis until now. Now having dominion over her ancestral home, Daenerys can begin her quest to rule the entire land.

Bran Has Arrived in Winterfell

[Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO]
[Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO]

We knew this one was coming, but possibly not quite so soon. Bran isn't technically in this image, but we see Meera wearing what might be a smug grin. Either she left Bran out in the cold for the Night King to find, or she finally brought Bran back to civilization.

This arrival marks the beginning of Jon Snow learning his true lineage as a Targaryen, with Bran, the only one who knows the truth, as the one to deliver the news. It's fairly safe to imagine that Meera is ready for all of this to be done with so she can take a breather from lugging poor Bran around.

Cersei Looks Unsettled

[Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO]
[Credit: Helen Sloan / HBO]

Even though Cersei recently enjoyed a major victory against her enemies, in the explosion at the Sept of Balor, here she seems concerned. Perhaps she's merely had too much wine to drink, but we can also imagine that her actions are finally weighing on her dark, twisted and cruel soul. Or perhaps she's learned more about the forces that are rallying against her.

Likely Cersei feels as though all of the kingdom is plotting against her and she's trying to plot and scheme for what's next in her goal of holding the Iron Throne.

No matter what we see in the season premiere, it looks as though Game of Thrones is primed to be one of the most explosive seasons that we've seen so far, as it moves toward the finale and the throne being claimed by the prophesied one.

Are you all caught up on Game of Thrones season six? Tell us what you think will happen next in the comments below.

(Source: EW)


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