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Before you get all hot and bothered, take a "chill" pill and be warned, this article contains some major possible for Season 7. So, as HBO drops the latest trailer and we see dragons, dangers, and Dondarrion's flaming sword, us humble Free Folk are left to scour the Seven Kingdoms and put our theory hats on.

Although showcases the obvious return of Daenerys and her supersized dragons, the main theme of Season 7 is certainly leaning toward the ice element of the "Ice and Fire" saga. The threat that "winter is coming" was touted by Ned Stark back in Season 1, but the latest trailer confirms that the White Walkers and their frosty leader will be making big progress this year.

The Night's King brings a whole new meaning to feeling horny, and our psychotic popsicle is being queued up to be the ultimate Big Bad of the show. Forget Cersei's smizing or Euron and his massive member causing trouble, we are in for a chilly swansong when the show ends in Season 8. However, among an army of rejuvenated wights and Jon Snow sporting his winter wardrobe, does the trailer hints at the Night's Kings greatest weapon being discovered in Season 7?

Ice To Meet You

As the seasons have gone by, we have fleshed out those icy bones of the Night's King and seen our blue-eyed bastard crawl toward the main cast. The Night's King's appearances have always been brief, but whenever he appears on the horizon (as we saw with both Jon Snow and Bran), there have always been disastrous results. Vladimir Furdik is back in the role from Season 6 and we are sure to expect more of his dark magic this year.

Here's where the theory kicks in: There is one shot in the trailer where we see a (finally) useful Bran warging into a flock of ravens and flying to an unknown location. The shot then cuts to the Night's King apparently looking to the sky at the flock. But what if this is just clever editing, disguising the fact that he's actually looking at something a little bigger?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

We are guessing that the scene actually comes much later in the season and he is looking up at Daenerys and her dragons, planning his next move. If you remember back to when Craster's terrible secret was revealed, you'll recall that we saw the undead leader cast his hangnail on one of the discarded babies to create his very own bouncing walker tot, but could it be that this next season he will be using his powers to turn a dragon?

For seven years we have seen the Mother of Dragons nurse her little babies from BBQ'ed eggs into fully fledged war machines; and since the colossal Drogon is clearly mamma's favorite, we often forget about Rhaegal and Viserion. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the scene in question will lead to Dany only having two winged warriors left, which also coincides with the spoilerific leaks and teases that we can't help but read!

There's 'Snow' Escape

The various trailers and promos show Jon Snow gathering the Northern houses and heading out on a fool's errand beyond the Wall — presumably to prove once and for all that the threat of White Walkers is real. Given the shots of who is where in the trailer, it looks like he assembles a fearsome troop of fan-favorite characters to go with him. It would all neatly fit with Jon's fighting scenes and what looks like another grisly demise for our moping bastard (although he surely won't be dying again).

So, if the Night's King is really looking up at a dragon, it could tease Daenerys flying in to save the day just as all hope is lost for Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, Beric Dondarrion, the Hound, and anyone else who went north of the Wall. Jon and Dany could become the show's latest power couple, but can we really expect her to face a major loss and lose one of her dragons? There are theories and spoilers galore, but pretty much all point to the Night's King managing to down Viserion and then use that gross fingernail to resurrect him as his very own icy steed.

The ice dragon theory has being doing the rounds since first put pen to paper, and alongside Tyrion riding a dragon, the arrival of Lady Stoneheart, and Cleganebowl, it is one of the most hyped elements that fans want to see on the show. It was always clear the the White Walkers were probably going to battle dragons by the time the show came to a close, but if the Night's King finds himself atop an ice-breathing Viserion, what does this mean for that anticipated final showdown?

We all remember when Daenerys had that vision of walking in a snow-topped version of the destroyed throne room, and Bran's new vision powers have given us so much to digest. Winter is no longer coming, it is already here, and Season 8 promises to be even bleaker when any human survivors will surely be going up against the undead. While I wouldn't fancy my chances against a frozen army of zombies or a blue-flamed Viserion, bear in mind that Dany still has Rhaegal (yawn), but more importantly Drogon, and you don't get more badass than that lil' hot head. After all, two dragon heads are better than one!

Check out the second trailer for Game of Thrones in full and don't forget our poll below!


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