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When you're a consciousness trapped inside a shell, fighting naked isn't a big deal — and apparently Scarlett Johansson's Major does a lot of it in , as this teaser for the movie's new Super Bowl trailer happily demonstrates.

The new teaser trailer below features some exciting new footage blended with shots from the previous trailer. First, we see ScarJo remove her coat (do shells get cold?) and take a backward swan dive off a high building with gun in hand, something you probably shouldn't try at home.

What follows are several familiar fight scenes in which the Major's combat skills effortlessly see off various villains, but it's the final shot of the trailer which is most interesting — sections of her face being peeled back to reveal the cybernetics underneath in a cool echo of Ex-Machina.

Check out the 30-second teaser below.

The full trailer premieres during Super Bowl LI on Sunday night, and considering how utterly badass this movie looks, you don't want to give it the ghost treatment.

Ghost In The Shell hits theaters March 31. Stoked, or scared?

'Ghost In The Shell' [Credit: Paramount]
'Ghost In The Shell' [Credit: Paramount]


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