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Now, of all the iconic performers to have passed away tragically young, there are few who have had as powerful an impact on a generation as . For whatever reason — be it his remarkable talent, his role as in , or simply some quirk of his public persona — Ledger has remained a figure whose absence is still keenly felt, nine whole years after his untimely death.

For those wondering precisely why that is, then, Spike TV may well have some good news. Specifically:

A Shiny New Heath Ledger Documentary Is Heading To Spike TV

'The Dark Knight' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Dark Knight' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Set to arrive on Spike TV on May 17 2017 (a few weeks after appearing in a handful of selected movie theaters), the upcoming is set to tell Ledger's story via the firsthand accounts of those who actually knew him, much like the I Am series' past documentaries focusing on the likes of Bruce Lee and Chris Farley. Which, for fans of the actor, is sure to be a thoroughly engrossing experience.

Whether it will actually get to the bottom of Ledger's still-powerful popular appeal, of course, very much remains to be seen, but it's still likely to be must-see for anyone still a little preoccupied with the incomparable talent that was Heath Ledger — or anyone interested in morbidly watching grieving family and friends discuss the loss of one of the most important people in their life.

UPDATE (04/04/17):

And, what's more, Spike TV has finally released a trailer for the project — one that suggests that the wait to find out more about Ledger's life may well be worth it:

And now all we have to do is wait until May arrives (or, alternatively, somehow snag tickets for the film's April 23 premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival).

What do you think, though? Will you be checking out I Am: Heath Ledger when it hits the screen in May? Let us know below!

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