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fans worldwide are set to have the minds truly twisted with the full online release of the award-winning psychedelic short Pray.

After spending the last year raising hell on the film festival circuit, psychedelic horror short Pray is finally be available for everyone to see.

The Power Of Psychedelic Horror

Written by Claudio Ellovitch and Cheng Sing Yin and directed by Ellovitch, this bold Hong Kong/Brazilian production tells the story of a pensive monk who goes on a transcendent journey for meaning, and encounters worlds full of symbolism, horror and love that question everything he believes.

Here the lines between dreams, reality and religion are not so much blurred, but are utterly disregarded. In exchange, Ellovitch yanks away the safety net of familiar genre tropes, and leaves the viewer free falling into the unknown depths of their imagination.

The VOFF jury, consisting of independent film producer Ted Hope (21 Grams, American Splendor, Martha Marcy May Marlene), celebrated cult movie actor Udo Kier (Dogville, Melancholia, Blade, Armageddon), Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky) and award-winning German actress Nora Tschirner (Keinorhansen) had this to say:

“'Pray' is very special; it goes beyond what is expected of a horror film — not exploring horror as such, but the essence of it and the elements that create it. We were impressed by the poetic and artistic quality of the film; it grasped at the heart, and then right through to the backbone. We hope that this prize money will help Claudio with his progress as a filmmaker and we look forward to seeing him working on feature films in the near future.” — Haunting Poetry: Creating a Deep & Terrifying Aesthetic

The film’s surreal and somewhat experimental narrative is reflected in its eclectic production. There is a lyrical feel to it, a characteristic that can be attributed to the poetry of Indian artist Amit Desai. The poet, who also who plays the monk in the film, recites passages of his work which is used to haunting effect as the voiceover in the film.

The literary influence is also evident in the striking visuals. A former comic book store owner, Ellovitch, along with his director of photography Carlos Firmino and art director Wagner Ribeiro, use the graphical fidelity of comic books to layer the story in swirls of searing color that bleed out from the precisely framed images. Combined with a foreboding score by Fabio Brum and Capileh Charbel, the 15 minute short film assaults the senses with relentless verve.

Winner of the covetable Viewster Online Film Festival and unlike anything you are likely to see this year, close the curtains and open your mind to the macabre mysteries of Pray.

Check Out Pray Below:

What did you love most about this short horror film?

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