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Alisha Grauso

Well, isn't this an interesting (read: unexpected) bit of casting news: Variety has reported that three under-the-radar celebs have been cast in Spanish filmmaker 's new horror film Out of the Dark. Actors , , and have all been tapped to star in the supernatural thriller (Bonus fact: Both Speedman and Rea have been involved in the Underworld franchise, but not at the same time).

The story revolves around a young, American couple who move to Colombia, along with their young daughter, to take over the manufacturing business owned by the wife's father. They soon discover a sinister truth: The house they've moved into is haunted.

On one hand, I'm getting weary of suburban horror films (assuming this house isn't in the middle of a Colombian rainforest or on the top of a mountain somewhere). On the other, Quilez is a relatively unknown filmmaker, and some of the best and most inventive horror films in recent years have been made by up-and-coming Spanish language directors. It's certainly where got his start. It will be interesting to see what Quilez does with it.

If you're intrigued, like me, [[follow]] along and we'll see how this movie develops. No word yet on a release date, but we'll keep you updated.


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