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Ha ha! What an image, Mark!

When it was announced that would tackle what occurred behind the scenes of the 2003 bizarre flick, , fans and critics alike have been patiently waiting to see if such an achievement can be accomplished. A new still of Franco as director and his brother, Dave, portraying Greg Sestero has been released and by the looks on their faces, moviegoers are in for a treat.

Franco Brothers Rock As The Dynamic Duo

'The Disaster Artist' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Disaster Artist' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Adapted from the autobiographical book by Sestero, The Disaster Artist will depict the early friendship of Sestero and Tommy Wiseau while focusing on the making of the cult film itself. For the uninitiated, The Room tells the story of Johnny (Wiseau), who endures a life of turmoil and betrayal when his best friend, Mark (Sestero), has an affair with his girlfriend, Lisa (Juliette Danielle). It has developed an immense cult following due its hilariously horrible dialogue and, of course, it being considered one of the best worst films of all time.

Check out an actual scene from 'The Room':

Franco portrays The Room's star and director, Wiseau in The Disaster Artist. He directed the film as well and co-produced it with Vince Jolivette, James Weaver and comedy dream team, Evan Goldberg and . The above image showcases a sharply dressed and excited-looking Sestero watching the big screen (chances are it is for The Room premiere), while an equally sharply dressed Wiseau watches along, looking less than amused.

'The Room' Parody Poster/Teaser Poster

The film boasts a ridiculously star-studded cast, including Dave Franco's real-life lady love , , , among a myriad of other celebrity cameos.

The Disaster Artist makes its premiere at the SXSW Festival on March 10th.

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On a scale of "How's your sex life?" to "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISA!" How excited are you for James Franco's The Disaster Artist?

'The Room' [Credit: Chloe Productions / TPW Films]
'The Room' [Credit: Chloe Productions / TPW Films]


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