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Some new images have surfaced for 's The Counselor, featuring very little fear and foreboding (despite the movie's drug trafficking premise) and just a host of really, really good-looking people like , , and ...

Having said that, these images do have an element of dread to them, but I think that's got more to do with 's crazy hair-shirt combo than anything else. Take a look:

(via HeyUGuys)

Jokes aside, this movie - based on the screenplay from - sounds like one slick slice of greatness. Fassbender is a lawyer who dabbles in trafficking drugs only to realize just how dangerous a situation he's stumbled into. , Bardem, and Diaz head up the rest of the starring cast.

If Bardem's presence has you harking back to his Oscar-winning appearance in the Coen Bros. No Country for Old Men, also based on a McCarthy novel, the trailer's sinister tone only adds to the sense that The Counselor might be a spiritual successor.

Will you be checking out The Counselor when it arrives in theaters October 25?


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