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Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Logan.

This week is Wolverine's week. After months of silence from director James Mangold, Hugh Jackman and Fox, in which we didn't have much to go by other than a release date and some set pictures, we finally know what to expect from Wolverine's third solo movie: The title, now officially Logan, where in production it's at and a really cool poster.

Did you think that was all we were getting this week? If you did, you were wrong.

Get excited Wolverine fans, because TheWrap has just released a stream of really cool and interesting details from Logan, shedding more light on what kind of film it is, the characters and that even confirm X-23. So, let's break down the information we received — and, as always, keep in mind that these are unconfirmed reports, so take it with a grain of salt:

What's Going On With Logan?

Let's start with when the movie takes place: 2024.

This week, James Mangold released a page from the Logan script, which gave us an insight into Wolverine's state: He's older, his healing factor is fading away and he's an alcoholic. The new info adds to those details: Logan doesn't look good, his healing factor is much slower and sometimes, it doesn't work at all. Can we expect a permanently scarred Wolverine from the beginning of the movie?

He drives a futuristic 2024 Chrysler 300 limo, so it looks like Wolvie hasn't been doing bad financially. After reading this information, I'm curious about something: In Days of Future Past, when Wolverine saves the future, he wakes up in the year 2023 and everything looks wonderful: He has a few grey hairs but all of his mutant friends are there, including Charles Xavier. Still, the fight in the future was fierce:

What could have happened in the span of a year that made Wolverine a weak man with a fading healing factor and Charles an unstable telepath due to his age? A lot of bad business went down in the future before Logan altered the timeline: Could it have affected them without them knowing?

Maybe they'll explain it as them having early signs of their decaying health in Days of Future Past.

Charles Xavier's Mental State

Charles Xavier is much older and sick. His mind isn't at all there, which makes him forget Logan at times. The most shocking piece of information is that his formidable mental powers are unstable: Considering Charles' incredible power levels, does this make him a potential threat for the world, similar to Jean Grey's Phoenix persona? Could his powers be the cause of his deteriorating mental sate?

I'd love for the movie to explore what an unstable person with Xavier's abilities can do. We shouldn't worry too much for Wolverine and his old mentor though, as Caliban, a mutant played by Stephen Merchant, is helping Logan take care of Professor X.


A Government Project Is Turning Mutants Into Weapons

Logan will introduce a "government-type" operation called "Transigen," focused on turning mutant children into killing machines. The "evil government organization trying to weaponize X misunderstood hero" dynamic has been explored numerous times in various forms of superhero media. However, I am excited to see the Logan spin on it and what might come out of it. Just like Weapon X is the source for several of our favorite characters, through Transigen, we could get introductions for several new cool characters from the comics.

Something noteworthy with this: Nathaniel Essex, a.k.a. Mister Sinister, will be appearing in the movie and this organization sounds an awful lot like what the villain does in the comics. In the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse, we saw men form his company take Wolverine's DNA and the character's main drive in comic books is to harness abilities from different powerful mutants to become the most powerful being in existence. Could the Transigen project be Mr. Sinister's cover to achieve that goal?

X-23 Is All But Confirmed


X-23 has been rumored for the film ever since its announcement. After several set photos surfaced of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart alongside a little girl and the first poster being a small hand holding Logan's hand, fans assumed this was the X-Men cinematic universe's version of X-23. Well, going by this new piece of information, she is.

See Also:

The new details confirm that the hand in the poster belongs to a young mutant girl. As mentioned above, the government has created the Transigen operation to turn young mutants into weapons. One of them is this little girl who —wait for it —has two claws that come out of her hands. On top of that, she's being mentored by Logan. Do we need a more straight-up confirmation? Will X-23 take up the Wolverine mantle for future movies?

The Mutant Population Is Getting Smaller

Another huge detail is that mutant births are in decline and people don't know why. I believe this will be a very important part of the overall plot. The mystery now is: Why is that happening? In Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, mutants are no longer the feared creatures they were before. People are accepting them so the decline in mutant births is certainly not because of the masses' dissatisfaction.

We know the government is taking mutant children to use as weapons so what if this decline comes from them trying to have a tighter grip on the mutant population and not have unnecessary mutants running around the United States or the world? This also reflects what's been going on in the comics, with the Inhumans being sterilized by the Terrigen Mist.

So! Those are the new details we got from Logan. Again, these aren't confirmed, but I must say, after reading about them and thinking of the possibilities they open for the future of the X-Men universe, I'm incredibly excited to watch Logan on March 3, 2017.

What do you think of these details? Do they make you excited for the film?

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