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Matt Carter

Fe, fi, fo, fum! I smell the blood of a ..... Jack the Giant Slayer poster.

I'm so sorry.

The newest promo offering from 's upcoming movie features an angry/hungry/poorly manicured giant.

(via Cine 1)

January's not been a great month so far for quality movie posters, and this CGI-heavy monstrosity hasn't really done anything to raise the bar.

Jack the Giant Slayer hasn't had the smoothest of times in post production. Its original June 2012 release date was pushed back nine months, and it's also had a title change, having originally been called Jack the Giant Killer. Here's hoping the movie won't be giant turkey.

What did you guys think about the poster? Has it inspired you to part with your cash and catch it at the theater? Drop a comment below.

Jack the Giant Slayer will stamp its way to theaters March 1st.



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