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Fans have been waiting for Justice League for what feels like an eternity, but after an arduous development process, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg are finally coming together. With the film's release right around the corner, Warner Bros. has been ramping up its marketing material, releasing a slew of images and some really colorful posters. Now, we have another exciting look at the superhero epic. The official Justice League Twitter page surprised comic book faithfuls by posting a series of individual posters for each of the team's members, except for one.

The posters were released with the caption "All In", and for the most part they're visually appealing. To the delight of fans, . took the designs one step further and created a sort of checklist at the top, highlighting the logo of the hero with the spotlight on each poster. Check them out:

1. Batman Strikes A Pose

I'm really enjoying the brighter shades of blue used for in some of the posters. Granted, some may argue that the Caped Crusader is a dark character with no light hues to his costume. However, the poster brings to life a comic book aesthetic that we've never seen translated to live-action for Bruce Wayne, so I'm loving it:

2. Wonder Woman Is Ready For Battle

is striking her signature "X" pose. From what we've seen in the trailers, Steppenwolf will have quite a hard time with that move in the film. The Amazon Warrior was shown using it against the dreaded Apokaliptian General during what seems to be the movie's climactic final battle:

3. Parademons, Meet Aquaman's Powerful Trident

The version of Aquaman has been presented as a hero who relishes combat. He rode on top of the Batmobile to tackle some Parademons, and he excitedly surfed on one of his enemies before crashing into a building. This poster continues to convey Arthur Curry's love for battle through his excited expression:

4. The Flash Is Coming For You

Flash's poster ditches the DCEU's dark aesthetic and gives us some vibrant colors, with pops of rich red and sleek yellow. has been reported to be a fan-favorite following test screenings, so this poster will probably be a popular screensaver after the film gets released:

5. Cyborg Is Excited To Fight The Forces Of Evil

Out of all the Justice League members (aside from Superman), Vic Stone has been the one who has gotten the least amount of attention and publicity throughout the marketing campaign. Taking that into consideration, it's great to see him getting the spotlight with his very own full poster, with a signature pose from the comic books:

These posters are stunning, and they represent the change in dynamic in the DC Extended Universe, from a dark and gritty world to a more vibrant saga that accurately represents what being a superhero is all about. However, diehard fans will notices one prominent absence: Superman. His logo is included in every single one of the one-sheets, but the Big Blue Boy Scout is nowhere to be seen, and that leads me to wonder:

Is Warner Bros. Going A Bit Overboard With Not Showing Us Superman?

The Man of Steel has been shrouded in a thick veil of secrecy ever since the first Justice League trailer dropped. While we've seen the character alongside his fellow heroes in a few promotional images, Warner Bros. has been taking the mystery around his role quite seriously, but it's probably time to ease up and finally let in on the marketing.

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that the studio is making the effort to keep some surprises from us, but here's the thing: We already know Clark's coming back. His appearance isn't some leaked secret either, it was obvious from the closing seconds of Batman v Superman. Overall, fans are fully aware of the fact that the Kryptonian will be alive and well by the time comes knocking, so it would be great to see him pop up in a trailer or TV spot.

The posters also promise a new trailer on Sunday, so hopefully Superman's secrecy streak ends with it, and we're allowed to see him fighting alongside his teammates, even if it's just for a few seconds.

Justice League flies into theaters on November 17, 2017. While we wait for that, check out the trailer:

What do you think about these new Justice League posters? Should Warner Bros. show Superman to fans already or are you happy with the secrecy? Let me know in the comments!


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