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Justice League will bring DC's greatest heroes together for the first time ever on the big screen, as Batman, Wonder Woman and a returning Superman will unite with Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. Hopes are high that a new trailer will debut this weekend at , and for now Warner Bros. has released two new images ahead of its highly-anticipated panel. Check them out below:

The Flash joins Wonder Woman and Batman in 'Justice League'. [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
The Flash joins Wonder Woman and Batman in 'Justice League'. [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

The first new photo features Wonder Woman, The Flash and Batman, all of whom appear ready for battle as they stare ahead. And judging from the range of expressions on their faces, whatever they're looking at isn't good. But that raises the question: just what are they looking at? Steppenwolf? Parademon? Rogue Superman?

While we have yet to figure out what has consumed the attention of these three iconic , I think we can all be sure that this shot is taken from one of the film's most pivotal scenes. And the reason for that is down to the fact that Warner Bros. has already unveiled two previous shots of the same three heroes, with equally concerned looks upon their faces. So, whatever adventure they set out upon together, it seems trouble is waiting for them. And it leaves us wondering: where are Aquaman and Cyborg?

The second Justice League image popped up on the official "Join The League" website, where it was featured as a thumbnail for a new game that gives fans the chance to win Justice League prizes. And the only character on display in the second electrifying image is the Scarlet Speedster himself, the Flash:

The Flash channels the Speed Force in new image. [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
The Flash channels the Speed Force in new image. [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

The site's competition is based on the Flash himself, as it asks fans to throw his lightning for the chance to win an exclusive private screening of Justice League. And that's exactly what the image highlights, featuring the speedy superhero manipulating the Speed Force in an attempt to throw his own lightning.

All Eyes On Flash

It's certainly interesting that The Flash is heavily featured in both images. While the film could have easily focused on the more established heroes, we're seeing Barry Allen featured in just as much, if not more, promotional material. This may be down to the fact that there has been a lot of question marks surrounding the Scarlet Speedster ever since Ezra Miller was cast.

As Grant Gustin is doing a superb job as on the CW's series, it was initially troubling to hear that Warner Bros. had decided to create another Flash for their cinematic universe. While Ezra Miller silenced critics with his infectious performances in the previously released trailers, the controversy surrounding the solo Flash film has somewhat overshadowed the lovable speedster's contribution to the DCEU.

Thus, perhaps Warner Bros. has decided to feature the character in the majority of Justice League images in order to give the Flash the positive buzz he deserves. Based on what we've seen, Miller may just steal the show in the film, and it's only fair that we go into Justice League realizing just how epic the DCEU version of The Flash truly is.

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