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Director really deviated from the Saw gore he's known for in his latest film, The Conjuring. Granted, he paved his way to more spooky scares with Insidious, but I just think it's interesting that he's moved away from the torture porn that made him famous. But you know what? It's paid off in spades.

The Conjuring is doing great with critics and will probably become one of the surprise hits this summer due to word of mouth. The fact that the movie received an R-rating from the MPAA because its just scary instead of for violence and strong language says a lot.

Because of this early buzz, New Line Cinema is actively working on a sequel that will most likely continue the exploits of and as Lorraine and Ed Warren, two paranormal experts who tackled such famous cases as Amityville and the haunting in Connecticut.

It's pretty intriguing that this movie could turn into a full-fledged franchise of the Warrens acting as modern ghost hunters in a variety of different cases, but it could probably work, as anyone who's seen the opening of the movie can attest.



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