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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

So it's International Women's Day. Having been a woman all my life, and a Latin woman at that, I have to profess my undying admiration for . Maybe it's because on Modern Family she dresses and sounds like my mom. Maybe it's because she don't take no shit. Whatever it is, she totally owns it. And she totally owns what on a lesser lady would be straight-up ridiculous. That's right, I'm talking about her explosively awesome (and culturally accurate, I kid) poster for Machete Kills. In fact, I'm kind of jealous:

If this poster teaches us nothing else, it should at least give us pause to contemplate the power of women on a day like today. It would seem there are a lot of my fellow Latinas who will be kicking presumably male ass in this movie, so that also goes to show that this is also somewhat of a PSA. Don't mess with us.


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