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Tino Jochimsen

might never have been a good actor but... actually that's it: Danny Trejo is, never was, probably never will be a good actor. His face knows exactly one-and-a-half expressions: "You messed with the wrong hombre" and "Now you really messed with the wrong hombre!"

BUT this very quality also makes him the leather-faced bad-ass he so succesfully "plays" since more than two decades. And as such he graces this new still of Machete Kills, the sequel to 's mildly successful exploitation flick Machete.

More important however is the fact that beside him stands the lovely, and, when it comes to premium Latino ass-kickery, likewise capable .

Rodriguez also reprises her, somewhat lazily named character from the first part of Machete (Shé), and looks like a full bosomed biker pirate while doing so... which is certainly one of the central reasons to watch Machete Kills.

At least for the terribly sleazy-feeling writer of these lines...

Machete Kills on October 4th.


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