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David Latona

On a show such as The Walking Dead, casting additions are imperative, considering the ensemble cast gets regularly gutted each season with the shocking deaths of habitual characters. This season, while not so heavy on the killing off protagonists theme (for now), will see the debut of a completely new character: his name is 'Gareth' and he'll be portrayed by , who is best known for playing the supporting role of Fisher on ABC's Greek.

Now, this Gareth fella is not a character from the comic books. He was specifically created for the AMC hit show, so all bets are off as to what function he will serve, narrative-wise, and what type of personality he'll be given by the writers. In essence, this a mystery role that has the potential of being a cool innovation to the usual cast. There's the possibility, of course, that he turns out to be an amalgam of different characters from the books, but wouldn't it be really exciting for him to be someone completely new and surprising?

We still can't confirm the exact episode Gareth will make his first appearance in, but we do know that it will be sometime during the second half of this season (hopefully soon). According to THR, West's character will have a very large impact on the overall story, so it seems it won't be just a minor supporting role.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 PM (EST).



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