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As we're getting closer and closer to the release of Marvel's Luke Cage (finally!), Netflix is releasing a whole series of trailers and featurettes — in case you weren't pumped enough for the third installment of the Defenders ensemble, which also includes Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist. And while this new "Streets" trailer obviously brings the heat, there's one thing you might have missed: a sneaky little Stan Lee cameo!

The Marvel legend, now 93, has made it his speciality to cameo in every single movie in the MCU, but his Netflix appearances are a little harder to spot. In Daredevil, Jessica Jones and now Luke Cage, he's appeared as a policeman on various posters. Rumors say he was a heroic member of the police force during an Avengers incident, which is why he's the face of awareness campaigns.

Can You Spot Stan Lee In The 'Streets' Trailer For Luke Cage?

Did you spot the poster? Jump to 2:04 to catch it on the side of the shop, just before Luke Cage steps in to stop a robbery.

It's a little more subtle than in the MCU, where Stan Lee's always got a character, albeit not fully fleshed out one. From delivery man to club emcee, his little appearances have become a trademark of Marvel's movies, and not only Marvel Studios'! Have you seen them all?

Add to that his legendary status in the comic book world — he's co-created a myriad of heroes, from Iron Man to the X-Men — and it's no surprise that he'd eventually become the main character of his own movie. Earlier this month, Fox announced they'd acquired the rights to his life story, but that instead of a biopic they'd be developing a James Bond-style action movie set in the '70s. It certainly matches his personality, so stay tuned for the casting news!

Luke Cage, Hero For Hire

As for Luke Cage, it's safe to say that the series is looking more promising than ever. Since the first trailer released at Comic-Con, Netflix has teased a show that looks as badass as a bulletproof hero should be. Tinted with darker tones similar to Jessica Jones, Luke's story starts out with him resenting his powers. But just like Daredevil, he seeks to protect his little corner of New York City, and Harlem quickly catches up with him.

Add to that a brilliant performance by Mike Colter, whom we already saw in action in a few episodes of Jessica Jones, as well as a killer soundtrack, and it's like (sweet) Christmas come early for Netflix's Marvel fans.

Luke Cage will be available on Netflix September 30.


Of the four Defenders members, which hero do you like the most?


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