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Brian Salisbury

I guess I missed something during Sunday school. I was under the impression that Noah was a peaceful, god-fearing man who built a boat to save the creatures of the Earth from an impending flood. However, judging from this latest poster for 's Noah, revealed by Yahoo!, 's interpretation of the character is going to be a hatchet-wielding badass ready to cut down any fool who dares cross him.

This is symptomatic of my overall problem with the marketing of Aronofsky's Noah thus far. It seems like they are shooting for an absurdly badass version of the character that, while it might garner a few more dollars at the box office, seems incredibly off-base. Given the artistic sensibilities of Aronofsky, I can only image this is intentionally misleading advertising on the part of the studio, but I suppose we'll find out March 28th.

Take a look at the poster below and let us know what you think.

He's got a hatchet, and he Noahs how to use it


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