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Abi Toll

's Nymphomaniac is set to be an orgasm-frenzied journey of loneliness and nihilism, if the first batch of posters and the trailer accompaniment are anything to go by. Now comes a second round of artwork which this time symbolize sexual brutality.

As SlashFilm explain, Nymphomaniac is set to be:

The most explicit non-porno most people [will] see in the next year.

One of the images looks like a flagellation whip positioned into a heart shape and the other is what can only be described as a sado-masochistic sex hook with the sub heading 'Forget about Love'.

Take a look at the images yourself, here (via SlashFilm):

Nymphomaniac poster art

Nymphomaniac Poster art

Source: SlashFilm

What do you make of the new artwork? Do you find it terrifying or are you excited about it's dark overtones?

Take a look at some other Nymphomaniac: Volume I artwork here.



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