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Sophie Atkinson

is the little black dress of the literary set: his prose seems to be perennially in style, come rain, come shine. Recently he's starred in his own thriller, The Raven and inspired 's serial killer in Fox's The Following. Now he's offered some suitably atmospheric opening words for 's latest clip from Nymphomaniac: Volume I.

It's the fourth part in von Trier's TITillating (hoho!) new publicity campaign for the salaciously-titled Nymphomaniac. There's no dialogue and even less clues than the rest of the teasers so far – just beautiful black and white camerawork and a portentous reading of the opening of Poe's The Fall of The House of Usher.


Nymphomaniac centers on self-diagnosed sex addict Joe () from birth until the age of 50 – the movie won't follow a linear narrative and will jump about covering a large number of characters. Co-starring with Gainsbourg are luminaries like , , , , and others.

It's debuts in Denmark on a kind-of-inappropriate Christmas Day (I mean, Halloween's all about sex, but xmas is all about presents and eating too much, no?*) and in the US soon after.

*If you're interested in my definitive take on the holidays: Easter's about the dentist, Lent's about guilt and mortality, while New Year's is about buying a spangly dress you'll never wear again. Just sayin'.


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