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With 2013 well under way, we can wipe the slate clean in all kinds of ways. Gone are the days obsessing over The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises (well, almost). Now it's about the latest and greatest...

One such movie, or at least Disney hopes, is 's Oz The Great and Powerful. The big budget prequel to the classic 1939 movie stars as a magician who is run out of a small town, only to end up in Oz.

Disney has just released another television spot for movie welcoming us to 2013. There's not much new footage here, it's just supposed to be playful. Regardless, it looks pretty cool:

(via Comic Book Movie)

A Disney fantasy film directed by Evil Dead's Raimi? I cannot wait to see what happens to the munchkins.

Will you be checking out Oz: The Great and Powerful when it magics its way into theaters March 8th? Sound off in the comments.


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