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Mark Newton

The Pacific Rim trailer finally emerged from the depths, and yes, it is still absolutely incredibly amazing. Seriously, I am so excited for this movie, I think it might be causing me actual internal bleeding.

From the looks of the Twittersphere, I am not the only one to in complete awe at 's robots-vs-monsters-sci-fi-epic-extraganza-awesome-athon. On the Twitter sentiment gauging site, TweetFeel, the new Pacific Rim trailer is currently achieving an 100% positive rating. This means, the random Tweets selected are all positive in their opinion of the trailer. Here are some of them:

Now, with my Twitter round-ups I like to include a few negative tweets as well. However, it seems basically impossible to actually find any! Still, I have trawled the internet and managed to find a few 'not so enthusiastic' reactions:

I know, I'm really scrapping the barrel to find negative Tweets for this one.

Still, what did you think? If you've seen the trailer give me your opinion below, if not head over to here and watch the awesome action unfold!


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