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With Justice League set to release in two months time, anticipation is at an all time high, with fans wanting every morsel of Justice League goodness they can get before the movie premieres Nov 17. To quench that thirst, DC just released an all-new look at Gotham's Caped Crusader.

With the project set to release this year, many fans are excited to see the they've grown up reading about get together on the big screen. A big part of that will be 's superhero Batman. The resident Dark Knight of Gotham has always been a prominent member of the League and with Superman gone in the film (probably to the dark side), it'll be up to Bruce Wayne to lead the team. Perhaps that's the reason why there's a scowl on his face in the picture released on Reddit.

For keen DCEU fans there are a few differences between this suit and the one wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For starters the cowl in Batman v Superman had more rounded ears. The mask also obscures his eyes more, covering them from the side. The facial wrinkles on the mask right above Batman’s eyes also help Bruce get the whole "dark and stormy" look, making the character more menacing to look at. Then there's the color — while the previous suit we saw Bat-fleck in was more gray than black, the new look is certainly much darker and closer to the certain iterations of the comics character.

Justice League is arguably Warner Bros. and DC's most anticipated film of the year. And with the great year Warner Bros. is having —both their major films Dunkirk and Wonder Woman were not only summer Box Office winners, they're Oscar contenders as well — Justice League could only go further in solidifying the studio as the king of the Box Office this year.

Additionally many believe that how well Justice League is received by critics will be a key factor in Wonder Woman scoring some Oscar noms, so pressure is most certainly on DC to deliver the blockbuster they've promised. Even more promising is the possible addition of an Armie Hammer played Green Lantern to the roster. And with Joss Whedon directing part of Justice League, let's just say there are plenty of reasons why the Batman-lead Justice League will be one to watch out for.

What do you think of the new Justice League Batman picture?

(Source: Reddit)


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