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If you look at any incarnation of Cyborg or The Flash, all costumes for both characters have been variations on a theme. As far as Cyborg is concerned, he has a partial face mask that may remind some of the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera, a gleaming, red eye and a largely metallic body.

The Flash has never really undergone much of a costume change. Depending on the version of the Flash — whether it's the version seen on The CW, Kid Flash or Reverse Flash — generally, the character has been featured in a leather uniform with at least part of his face visible and a lightning bolt emblazoned on the chest.

Until recently, neither of those costumes may have made the cut into Justice League, due out in November 2017.

Both costumes may lead fans of both characters to wonder what sort of war that Cyborg and The Flash (and for that matter, the rest of the Justice League) might be gearing up for. Certainly, what could have been the costume choice for The Flash is stunning; the character has never been seen in anything other than a sleek uniform, which in reality, leaves little to the imagination.

For some, the wardrobe choice for Cyborg might be the most surprising, particularly with the design of the mask. Some might be reminded of Deathstroke with the mask configuration, as the two designs are eerily similar.

Since the image of the potential costumes broke, fans have pointed out the similarities between the Cyborg and Deathstroke costumes, with some suggesting the potential — and ultimately discarded — look for Cyborg made it look as though Deathstroke had been invaded by some sort of tech virus.

TechnoBuffalo suggests that, since both Cyborg and The Flash are getting their own standalone movies following their appearance in Justice League, the costumes might ultimately be used as some sort of upgraded suits for each of the characters. A standalone movie for Cyborg and The Flash is still a few years off, though — Cyborg's movie is hitting theaters April 3, 2020 while The Flash's standalone flick will be on the big screen two years earlier in March 2018.

Some have questioned the bulk in The Flash's current costume as seen in the trailers for Justice League. While it now appears far sleeker than the one seen in the image released by Ironhead Studio, there are still those who think it should be less bulky.

Check out the trailer below and decide what you think. Did they keep the right costumes?


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