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Vampires are a big thing right now. Some might argue that they, along with zombies, are a done thing, a totally over it thing. But as the vamp fever dies out in pop culture, a few indie directors and auteurs are taking a crack at subverting the genre and making it art again, from with Byzantium to 's Only Lovers Left Alive.

The latter is collecting a lot of quiet buzz on the festival circuit, and is one I've been waiting for for quite some time. It's getting solid reviews as being deep, thought-provoking, but also darkly funny and gorgeous. A new batch of pics have been released, showcasing and as Adam and Eve, along with as Eve's younger sister, Ava. Hiddleston revealed that part of their wigs were made with animal hair, giving them a more feral look, and it certainly shows in these pics. These are not your sparkly, polished vampires, but ones filled with a gloomy, savage grace that is more befitting of a vampire story that is meant for adults. Check them out.

(Source: Catchplay via Indiewire)

The film is being released next year by Sony Pictures Classics, so until then, feast your eyeballs on the pics. Do you think this film will save the vampire genre, or bury it? Let me know in the comments.

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