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Now, of all the salty sea dogs to ever sail the seven cinematic seas, there are surely few saltier nor more dogged than . Now, sure, the -played hero may largely have been pursuing a drink, or some sort of mild diversion in the face of the absence of said drink, but he has remained consistently dogged all the same.

He's also, of course, been consistently quip-happy, with the average movie rarely offering gaps of more than a moment or two in which Sparrow doesn't say something at least mildly whimsical. After all, that's what a large chunk of the audience is there to see. And yet, the trailers for the soon-to-arrive , a.k.a. Dead Men Tell No Tales, have largely doubled down on the franchise's action and horror leanings, with only limited attention being paid to Depp saying silly things while looking moderately goofy. Never fear, though, because:

This New 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' Teaser Trailer Brings The Quips

And, with this being Pirates of the Caribbean and all, they're both vaguely salacious and broad as hell. As such, we're greeted by a distinctly all ages-friendly "Cap'n Jack is only wearing underwear" gag, a good ol' fashioned "Cap'n Jack doesn't understand social niceties" bit, and, of course, a traditional piece of "Cap'n Jack sees something and then says what it is in an entertaining way" shtick.

All of which actually kind of works, which is arguably improbable. Then again, a hugely successful pirate franchise loosely based on a theme park ride was always an exercise in calculated improbability on 's part. Why start defying expectations now?

What do you think, though? Will you be first in line when Pirates of the Caribbean 5 hits theaters on May 26? Let us know below!


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