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Ever since the title for The Last Jedi was revealed, fans have been scouring the known universe for more details about what this means for the saga. Fans have looked through comics, animated shows, merchandise and video games - but still haven't found any concrete information. However, it seems that Making Star Wars may have uncovered some revealing news about Luke's journey in The Last Jedi - and quite possibly his struggle with the dark side of the Force.

Although we still know very little about The Last Jedi, fans have been overwhelmed by a series of leaks. Luke's red kyber crystal and the appearance of the Journal of the Whills are certainly intriguing details, but one of the biggest leaks so far has been a set of photos that gave a full colorized look at Supreme Leader Snoke, Rey's new costume and a "Dark Luke" costume. This has caused fans to believe that the beloved hero of the rebellion will follow in his father's footsteps and turn towards the power of the dark side.

As seemingly asinine as that may sound, considering that Luke wears an all-black costume in Return of the Jedi, it's not entirely implausible. More recently, the idea of Luke turning evil has been reinforced by a collection of poster designs that are reportedly being considered for release along with the film's next trailer.

First released on MakingStarWars, these images are reportedly a faithful rendering of what the upcoming posters will look like. The first sketch is considered the 'hero' poster, while the second belongs to the antagonists.

Both posters give a little insight into what we may see in the film, and should excite any Star Wars fan. However, the second poster's depiction of Luke has also given fans reason to believe that he will embrace the dark side of the Force. Take this update from Screen Rant, for example.

"It’s now looking like Luke may actually be the villain of 'The Last Jedi' after all: perhaps not an out-and-out Sith Lord or even someone allying himself with trilogy big bad Snoke, but an antagonistic force who will have to show down against an unwitting Rey none the less."

But Is It Really That Simple?

Whether this is the case or not, it's clearly what wants Star Wars fans to believe. In fact, the studio is notorious for trying to misdirection; remember The Force Awakens's poster and how it teased Finn as a Jedi? There's a good chance these posters could be another ruse to get fans thinking out of the box as to how Luke's story will play out in The Last Jedi.

Throughout the Star Wars saga, we've been inundated with the idea that there must be balance in the Force. The Last Jedi references the idea of finding balance between the light and the dark in a couple ways; the obvious parallel being Rey (light) and Kylo (dark), but also in that Luke is trying to find his own balance between them.

Is Luke Skywalker Going Dark? It's A Gray Area...

[Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm]

The concept of a Gray Jedi comes from the franchise's Expanded Universe, and Luke's current position is the closest we've come to confirming that the Gray Jedi are canon again.

Luke: "Breath. Just breath. Now, reach out. What do you see?"

Rey: "Light. Darkness. A balance."

This quote, which featured prominently in The Last Jedi's trailer, begs the question as to whether Luke has found his own middle ground with the Force. A betting man would say that after Luke's failure to train the next generation of Jedi, he resigned to solitude to discern where he failed. By the time Rey seeks him out, Luke understands that there needs to be genuine balance in the Force.

The Gray Jedi's oath from the EU is solely focused on balance, so there's a good chance that Luke will be portrayed as holding on to both sides of the force.

"There is emotion: yet peace. There is serenity: yet passion. There is chaos: yet harmony. There is no life without death. I serve the balance and through it the force shall guide me."

With only a few months until we finally see the film, it's interesting to see how many fans now believe that Luke will be much darker than the Skywalker we know and love.

Will Luke turn to the Dark Side? Let us know with a comment below.


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