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Now, with much of the focus of 's soon-to-be released reboot having thus far been on its young stars and their ability to emote while wearing shiny multi-colored battle suits, we haven't actually seen a whole lot of what is arguably the film's biggest selling point: the giant mechanical Zords that the Rangers have traditionally ridden around inside. They, after all, were one of the most beloved elements of the original show, and the success of the movie may well depend on just how well it's able to implement them in a more realistic modern-day setting.

For anyone who was concerned about its chances of actually pulling that off, though, we may well have some good news. Y'see:

Two New 'Power Rangers' TV Spots Let Slip The Zords Of War

And as it turns out, they actually look pretty darned terrific.

What's more, the two new TV spots (which you can check out above and below, respectively) also just so happen to highlight another key element of the original show that many fans had been dismayed to note was absent in earlier glimpses of the film: ridiculous, overblown fun.

After all, no one is going to be heading to see Power Rangers when it opens on March 24 for its intellectual gravitas or determination to philosophically analyze humanity's capacity for good in the face of tireless evil, interesting as those elements may yet somehow be.

What we might all turn up for, though, is some good, old fashioned fun, with giant prehistorically shaped robots pounding one another during the final act.

Here's hoping those TV spots are a sign of things to come, then.

What do you think, though? Are you hoping to see more of the fun side of Power Rangers, or more serious intellectual debate? Let us know below!


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