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Brian Salisbury

An interesting trend right now in television is the idea of rooting hard for the bad guy. This isn't a revolutionary idea, you understand, but it's been utilized a heck of a lot over the last ten years or so. Breaking Bad, Dexter, even Mad Men sell us on heroes who are, shall we say, morally unencumbered.

I'm a sucker for this formula and that's why I believe I was so taken in by the promo for the new Fox series Rake. The show revolves around a defense lawyer, played by , with a predilection toward unfiltered comments and other self-destructive behaviors. It appears to be an American adaptation of a British series of the same name. Obviously we need to see more of the show to make any real judgements, but I liked what I saw here and I'm hoping that, since it is on Fox after all, that Rake will get at least one season.

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