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Brian Salisbury

It shocks me how stoked I am for 's Riddick. I wasn't a huge fan of Pitch Black, though it did have its moments, and The Chronicles of Riddick was a spectacular bore of a film. However, since the release of CoR, I've come to really enjoy as an action star and I've also become a huge fan of in the interim; Urban reprising his role as Vaako here. But it's honestly the concept of the film that grabs me. Riddick has come full circle from battling monsters in Pitch Black to becoming the monster in the latest installment. The mercenaries coming for him find themselves his prey.

Or at least that's how the marketing, like this latest TV spot, have depicted the story. I really like the tagline, "rule the dark," and the action looks top-notch. My only complaint is that everything is so dimly-lit that it reminds me of watching movies in 3D in theaters. Hopefully this is just an issue with the video file and not an indication of the actual cinematography of the movie.

Check it!



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