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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is ramping up its marketing. Recently, it was just announced that Doctor Strange will have the final Rogue One trailer attached to it. We’ve also been given a few trailers and fantastic posters that have caught our eye. Now, Disney/Lucasfilm have released perhaps their most badass poster yet as it attempts to truly capture that war movie tone Director Gareth Edwards has been going for all along — albeit a Russian poster. Check out the incredible poster down below!

Why This Poster Is Awesome

Invading Stormtroopers? Check. Giant AT-ATs storming a beach? Check. Ominous clouds lurking in the background? Check. But the part that takes the cake here is the Rebel helmet that is front-and-center of the poster. In case anyone was questioning whether or not this would be a war movie, the poster is a clear homage to the poster for Oliver Stone's Platoon, largely considered one of the greatest war movies of all time:

Not only do we see the fallen Rebel helmet on the battlefield and the troops lined up in the background, but we can also see the Rebel Alliance Starbird symbol casting a shadow onto the sand. It symbolized the bravery of the Rebel soldiers and how they are risking their lives to save the entire galaxy. The shadow also offers some hope in this imagery and is depicted brilliantly on this poster.

The poster also transmits to the audience that the film will be tonally dark, while still feeling very much like a Star Wars film. The Rebels will most likely be overrun in this battle, as they are faced with countless hordes of Stormtroopers and AT-ATs among other things. It’ll be interesting to see how the Rebels will fare against this onslaught of Imperial troops.

How This Poster Reminds Me Of The Battle On Hoth

Besides the obvious comparison to the AT-AT vehicles used by the Empire, this poster perfectly conveys a feeling of dread that the Rebellion must face on this beachfront. The Rebels are once again the underdog here, much like they were in the Battle of Hoth. Do you remember the first time we got a glimpse of the walkers on Hoth?

Looking through just a pair of binoculars, the Rebels and the audience watching the film got a first glimpse of the sheer scope of these walkers. These massive machines have been a huge threat to the Rebels and were utilized to obliterate the entire Rebellion army. In The Empire Strikes Back, we saw the Rebels struggle to take on these behemoths even though they were able to trip up a few using tow-cables on the Snow Speeders. Nonetheless, the Rebellion suffered extensive casualties in that battle.

There’s Still More Marketing to Come

We should be able to expect a pretty high body count during the battle depicted on this beachfront. The walkers and Stormtroopers on the poster are intimidating and that’s exactly what I believe the graphic designers were trying to convey. The imagery can be told in so few words, yet it could have multiple meanings at the same time. Clearly the Rebels' backs are against the wall as they are going to have to brave a full-on assault from the Empire. Vader is coming, and I have a hunch that we will be seeing more of him in the marketing very soon…

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