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Sophie Atkinson

Yesterday, Legendary Pictures released another production photo from the set of Godzilla. Disappointingly, there's still no sign of the titular monster, but it does at least look smoky and a little sinister - just the right tense ambience for a giant lizard attack!

An extra on the set also released a YoutTube series of stills and short videos from a completely different location. They describe it in the following:

"This is in Richmond BC at Steveston. A landing craft on hydraulics being used in a shoot for Godzilla 2014. The guy is yelling "engines stopped - we've lost power!" Oops, maybe it's time to look for Godzilla or one of his buddies. One of the folks there told me the green screens were to add a bit of San Francisco to the scene later. The screams you hear are not panicked extras but kids playing on the beach next to me."


Godzilla boasts a star-studded cast this time round, featuring , , baby sister of the Olsen twins, , , and . The film is slated to screen from May 16, 2014 and will probably be in 3D.

Are you guys getting excited, or minus any monster photos, does this material leave you cold? Let me know below.


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