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Since the first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit the web in April, Star Wars fans around the globe have been asking one question: when will we get the second, more elaborative Last Jedi trailer? Die hard fans have been analyzing every move Disney and Lucasfilm have made over the past several months, trying to predict when the next trailer will drop to no avail. This was until Mark Hamill took matters into his own hands, and surprised everyone with a rather mysterious tweet:

As Hamill is an undisputed Star Wars icon, everyone immediately jumped to one conclusion: we will be getting the next Last Jedi trailer on October 9 during Monday Night Football. This seemed completely possible, except for the fact that Mark deleted his ominous tweet within a day and, when questioned about it, adamantly denied any evidence that we will be getting the new trailer during Monday Night Football. Instead, he explained that his tweet was a misunderstanding.

With our first sign in months of getting a new trailer being debunked, all hope seemed to be lost for us Star Wars fans. Many hoped that Mark Hamill was simply silenced by Lucasfilm, but there was no evidence to support this – until now. Despite Mark Hamill's avid denial of the new trailer being released October 9, a "long time source" spoke with Star Wars News, revealing that our theories were right all along!

It would seem that Mark Hamill really did leak the release date, then immediately cover his tracks – and now the new trailer is less than two weeks away!

Premiering Star Wars trailers during Monday Night Football in October may actually be a new trend, seeing as a trailer for The Force Awakens was released on October 19, 2015. We can also assume that the trailer will be released online immediately after airing during the football game, as it has done before, so don't panic if you aren't into sports.

Despite the lack of new footage since April, Disney and Lucasfilm did screen behind-the-scenes footage at San Diego Comic-Con, while also revealing stills from the movie regularly, and releasing a plethora of Last Jedi merchandise at the beginning of this month.

Despite the struggle Lucasfilm has encountered throughout the past few months, replacing the directors for Han Solo and Episode IX, fans can remain extremely confident in the future of the Star Wars franchise. I am beyond excited for the upcoming Last Jedi trailer, and can only hope that it will be worth the wait.


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