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Now, with Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming still eight whole months away from hitting theaters in July 2017, pretty much every day that doesn't feature a trailer reveal is a subtly cruel form of torture for Spidey-fans the world over. After all, 's performance back in Captain America: Civil War blew enough of us away to make his solo movie a distinctly appealing prospect — and the wait for 's next cinematic adventure all the more painful.

In that context, then, it's probably worth noting/warning that...

This New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Poster Is Torturously Teasing

'Captain America: Civil War' [Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: Civil War' [Marvel Studios]

Y'see, the CCXP Comic Con Experience is set to take place this weekend over in Brazil, and it's set to feature a rather substantial four-day panel all about 's Spider-Man: Homecoming. Which, it seems, is going to feature a rather large poster featuring everyone's favorite wall-crawler. The only problem then being that — as of right now — we've only caught the following, cruelly fleeting, glimpse of said poster:

Which is neat and all, but more of a tease than an actual reveal. Now, hopefully the weekend's proceedings at the CCXP Comic Con Experience will reveal more poster-based details (and, if we're lucky, perhaps even a trailer teaser), but in the meantime, we may have to content ourselves with the above image, and the following previously leaked poster from Italy:

Which, while similarly teasing to the Brazilian poster above, is also similarly great. This at least dulls the pain of waiting a little.

And heck, whatever else happens, at least we won't have to see a repeat of this:

Oh, emo-confident Peter Parker. You were terrible.

What do you think, though? Can you physically wait until July 2017 at this point? Let us know below!

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